How We Work

Our expertise is to manufacture and deliver the required Gemstones in specified cuts and shapes.

Select Raw GemstonesWe own a huge stock of various gemstones' rough.

Cut & ShapeWe are specialized to manufacture and deliver the required gemstones in specified cuts and shapes.

Quality ControlCheck each piece of the gemstone to ensure the quality.

FinalizeFinalize the gemstones.

DeliverWe deliver faith & trust with gemstones.

Our Expertise

We provide a wide range of gemstones in various cuts, shapes & sizes.

Various Gemstones

Our wide range of product line includes all major precious & semi precious gemstones like Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Morganite, Moonstone and other Opaque stones, Ruby, Sapphire, and a large variety of other precious, semi-precious gemstones.

Various Shapes

We are specialized in giving stunning shapes to gemstones including round, oval, octagon, pear, cushion, trillion, marquise, heart, briolette, drop etc.

Fine & Precise Cuts

Our gemstones crafting skills provide fine & precise cuts to beautify the gemstones including Fancy Cuts, Drops, Balls, Checkerboards, Cushions, Concave Cuts, Laser Cuts, Cabochons, Standard Cuts etc.

Social Responsibility

We are committed Social Responsibility and ensures clean environment and well-being of society. We are striving to make our business best place to work.