We are Gemstones Importer|Exporter|Manufacturer

Our Vision.

At Balaji Gems, we don't just sell gemstones. Our mission is to establish the supply of superior quality and 100% genuine gemstones. Building customers' trust and maximizing their satisfaction is our first priority. We believe in bringing the beauty of gemstones to our customers not without the benefits associated with them.

Our Story.

We began our journey back in 2004 when TK Impex established Balaji Gems. Since than Balaji Gems is manufacturing high class gemstones for clients from all over the world. Balaji Gems was founded with a vision to innovate the making of authentic and high-quality gemstones. Now Balaji Gems is a trusted name in Gemstone manufacturing. We are committed to deliver quality gemstones to fulfil the market requirements.

Beautifying Gemstones.

Our wide range of product line includes all major precious & semi precious gemstones like Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Morganite, Moonstone and other Opaque stones, Ruby, Sapphire, and a large variety of other precious, semi-precious gemstones. We supply gemstones in all shapes, sizes and cuts in any quantity.

We are specialized to produce various types of cuts, shapes and sizes like Fancy Cuts, Drops, Balls, Checkerboards, Cushions, Concave Cuts, Laser Cuts, Cabochons, Standard Cuts etc. The complete process of sourcing, producing and marketing is done by the company itself, which helps in providing excellent service and quality to the customers.

Authenticity of Jewelry.

Our provided jewelry is admired for its innovative design, alluring patterns, resistance against rust and long lasting shine. In order to ensure the presence of features in our provided stones and jewelry, we shape these utilizing best grade raw material, modern machinery and by following latest designing techniques. Our gemstone experts ensure stones grading according to color, quality and cut to assure that the customer gets exactly what he wants.


Social Responsibility

We are committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ensures clean environment and well-being of society. We are proud to say that we have achieved it by giving 94.96% score in our SGS Audit.

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